The Return of the Ice Romans?

Hello everyone! Lately I have been bored and I felt like there was something missing. I felt as if there was a frozen hole missing from my heart. And that is the Ice Romans. Well frankly, I don’t find CP Armies as interesting as it was in 08′ or o9′ but I am currently debating If I should come back. Of course I would need help in Leadership and troops but even if I do come back, I wont be in the Army forever. Let me give you a few examples why I wouldn’t stay in the army forever. First off, I’m 15 and a freshman in high school. I have a lot of important things to be doing and I get tests left and right. Second off, I am launching my professional graphics carrier soon. Yes, I am a pro-graphic designer, but not as good. That comes in the context ‘soon’. Thirdly, like I said, I am not as interested in CP armies as I was a long time ago, and plus, its CP; a game for 13- Year old kids and I don’t wanna end up like Boomer or Iceyfeet. Help me decide by voting in the poll below..



We are dead. If you want to recreate Ice Romans, contact Midnightwave or Darkstar262.

If you are Justinfortsa or any other hoppers we won´t accept you.

♠♠//RIP.ICE ROMANS 2012- 2014\\♠♠

Never Forget

IR closing down

Well, it hasn’t been working out good. Many of the owners do not come on, and 1 person recruiting isn’t going to help. I will wait till Darkstar returns. For now, we shall revive in the Spring. See you later.


5 copy

The Ice Romans have been finally revived. The current leaders are Bigmail/Obama. I will not be coming back to IR. To do list:

  • Looking for Leaders
  • Looking for Owners
  • Looking for loyal Moderators
  • A recruiting squad
  • Darkstar to come help Bigmail’s Generation.

If you would like to join the ice romans for Leader/Owner/Moderator, comment on this post with the answers to these questions.

1. Your Xat Name

2.  When you joined Armies, and your experience in Armies/former armies.

3. What are you applying for? (Leader, Owner, Moderator)

4. Will you be loyal to the Ice Romans?

5. Good luck.


Only Submit one time please.


Ice Romans GodFather

IR Back Running!

A little Wake-Up-Recruiting

Greetings all Soldiers of IR. Here is a little Wake-Up-Recruiting what we will be doing!

We want all of you to help us Auto-Type, CPPS Recruit, and Chat Recruit! I think this will help you in the future as much as it helped us! 

CPPS’s to Recruit on…

Chat Recruitments /

Yes I do Realize that MOST of the CP Cheats chat community has died due to Graser10 leaving the CP community for Minecraft. But there are still CPPS’s chats the are active today!

Auto Typer Download Link

Why people isnt active?

Come on Guys we need to get active. you guys never come to events and i always go to IR chat everyday. Be active please


IR 2ic

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New 2ic

Hello there

I am Matthew4901 i am 2ic. I will be active as possible and i will try to attend to every events.