•   Welcome to Ice Romans of Club Penguin, led by Midnightwave, Rishron, and Carl. We are a army that never gives up even when the times get rough. We will fight until the end and make sure nothing gets in our way. Our goal in club penguin warfare is to make sure Club Penguin is safe for new rouges. We serve our nation with pride and honor. We shall protect our lands from danger and keep them safe.¬†We fight for Freedom, Honor, Integrity, Virtue, and ourselves with a Icey passion. If you think you have what it takes to be a Ice Romans and protect your land, Click here to Join. After you have joined Ice Romans of club penguin, you will wait until your comment has been moderation and you will be added to ranks in a matter of time. Just remember, We are the cold!
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Hello my Romans.

Midnightwave Edit#2: i can’t. In a very bad problem, I’m sorry.

Rishron Edit: I’ll be there too!!

Midnightwave/duty Edit: I’ll be there. And i hope the veterans come aswell.

Recently, I’ve found that there has been generations of this army dying to miss-leadership. I am not blaming my friend, duty, for it is my fault. I should have been active in the First Generation or also known as our Golden Era, but I gave up hope when my best friend, Midnightwave (Duty), retired for a short while. But now I am here to change that. Due to our past fail generations it has come to my attention that we need help. Who is going to give that help you may ask? Well it is me. I will help you to rise, then I will retire again. Operation Freeze Over will begin July 4th, 2014. For now, Goodbye Ice Romans.


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