Temporary Shutdown Until Spring!

A little Wake-Up-Recruiting

Greetings all Soldiers of IR. Here is a little Wake-Up-Recruiting what we will be doing!

We want all of you to help us Auto-Type, CPPS Recruit, and Chat Recruit! I think this will help you in the future as much as it helped us! 

CPPS’s to Recruit on…




Chat Recruitments


http://xat.com/Riffy888 / http://xat.com/RiffyTracking

Yes I do Realize that MOST of the CP Cheats chat community has died due to Graser10 leaving the CP community for Minecraft. But there are still CPPS’s chats the are active today!

Auto Typer Download Link

My wake up to reality….

Hey guys, so lately I haven’t been active as I should be, and the reason why is.. you guessed it, school. Much like our other troops we have school and it is tough with all the work. Some people’s parents won’t even let them on during the week. But yes, I understand if you are too busy with school, or you have too much hw.

So this is where I wake up to reality. Due to Bigmail’s retirement, I have came the the conclusion that I need help. I need someone that is active, loyal, and has been in/or well known in the Army Community. I do not like army hoppers, so you may cross that out if you are one, *cough* taco *cough*.

So answer these questions if you wish to apply for leader, if we don’t get anyone we may temp-shutdown until Winter Break or Spring, where the home work lightens down and shit.

Club Penguin Name?

Army Experience?

Where do you know IR from?

How active are you [1-10]

What is the highest you ever lead/created a army to?

Thanks for applying I will get back to you soon!

Coming home soon.

Another successful event on Christmas!

We had another successful event on Christmas, our main and only server.

We maxed 4 and averaged 3.


Yes, we have another event! Training on Christmas, again. Lets try to get 8+ ;)

:!: Training Session :!:

Server: Christmas

When? Sunday, Sept. 7th


2:30pm EST,

1:30pm CST,

12:30pm MST,

11:30pm PST,

13:30am UK.

:!: Comment if you can come! :!:

*Required Uniform*

We did it :D!

Christmas Success

Well we had our first event on Christmas, and it was a success!!1! Thanks for me and my sister 4 getting pics. 


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